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warning recently used arrow auto glass to replace rear window in my 1999 dodge ram pickup stated to me must be removed by smashing out window with hammer I agreed with the technition also stated all glass would be picked up and removed from scene.BOY WAS I WRONG vehicle bed was the only thing cleaned up. inside of vehicle was not cleaned as well as the ground/driveway.I thought all ground was cleaned so went to store to get gas in truck when I discovered two completly flat tires on the front of vehicle as well as two back tires going a big mistake on my behalf not catching this tech mistake before moving vehicle cost of 800dollars to replace all tires when I then called arrow auto glass to state that the ground as well as inside vehicle was not cleaned up, arrow auto glass had stated "THEY WE NOT RESPONCEABLE FOR GROUND CLEANUP" so to all you consumers out there thinking about using arrow auto glass to do the work and save some time to replace your windows in any vehicle I sugest you call safelite auto glass instead of arrow i did this due to weather (rain) and now paying to have tires replaced at a cost of 800dollars not a happy customer

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I know this is an old comment ...but the flat tire thing is a bit not happening unless your tires were completely bald to start with or you did burnouts in piles of tempered glass I've been in the business for over thirty years and have never seen a tire go flat from driving over tempered..... But hey complain as you may I've heard funnier complaints on parts that were never even worked on but we broke hahaha but the glass company should have cleaned up after themselves.

The installer himself takes no pride in his work.

Unfortunately those people are every where.


Sounds like cycleman tried to scam Arrow auto glass for four new tires. (***)


Broken auto glass would not cause flat tires, especially on a p/u truck. Bad attention to clean up.


Ive never heard of an auto glass tech using a hammer to remove glass. Grimeslon is correct in stating you cant get flat tires from tempered glass. Sounds like a scam.


sorry but tempered glass cant give you a flat tire . you have a better chance of getting a flat from rock in the road.


:sigh dont use arrow auto glass out of utica ny

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